General Rules

We are not responsible for your equipment or your well-being. Make sure you secure your belongings appropriately and take adequate precautions to secure your equipment and yourself. We rely on mutual trust and responsibility to make these events a success, so please behave as such.

We will not tolerate excess drunkenness. Please drink responsibly. You are liable for any damage caused to any equipment in the venue if you damage it as a result of negligence or drunkenness. We will also expect you to clean up any mess you make thoroughly.

Respect UK Laws Common sense here – no fighting, intimidation, vandalism, drug-taking or piracy will be tolerated. We will throw you out.

Be considerate at night Budleigh is a small town – please be considerate at night, be peaceful and encourage others to do so also.

Just be cool everyone, let’s have a lot of fun.

Competition Rules

  • Unless stated, you have to be present at the party to compete. If it is a group production, one member needs to be present, or if the production is from within the UK or Ireland we will consider allowing it upon our discretion.
  • If it doesn’t run, it is disqualified – however we will give everyone an opportunity to test their demos on the competition PC.
  • We will not release disqualified demos to the public.
  • No ripping or copyright violation.
  • No racism, child pornography or grossly offensive productions allowed.
  • We reserve the right not to show productions we consider not valid for showing.
  • We reserve the right to distribute your productions in any way we see fit.
  • We ask you to consider a Creative Commons license to ensure the long term preservation of your works.
  • We reserve the right to skip very long demo parts if we feel it is necessary, so please offer functionality for this using your own good judgement.
  • Original material only please. No rips, copies or re-releases, unless it is Rob is Jarig.
  • All remote entries must be submitted by 11:30am on Saturday 16th July.