Competitions include:

All remote entries must be submitted by 11:30am on Saturday 16th July and submitted to!

  • Old School Demo
    Any 16-bit or lower platform or non PPC/GPU Amiga .
    Bring your platform with you if you are visiting in person, or contact us to make sure we can accommodate you.
    Intros or Demos are both welcome!
  • New School Demo
    Windows, Linux (Let us know!) or OS X supported.
    Amiga accelerated welcome but please bring your hardware.
    No file size limit.
    Latest .net and DirectX runtimes will be installed.
  • New School Combined Intro
    As New School demo but limited to either 4096 bytes or 65535 bytes.
  • ShaderToy
    ShaderToy entries are welcome – please let us know the URL and release it on the Friday or Saturday of the party.
  • New School Executable Graphics
    Must be a single executable (or source code for non-compiled platforms) no larger than 4096 bytes in total
    Will be run on the main compo PC. If your entry won’t run on PC you must provide your own hardware and a video capture as backup.
    Must display a still image after max 30 secs precalc time
    No animation, sound, loading bars etc allowed
    Recommended resolution is 1920 x 1080
  • Streaming Music
    Five minutes maximum.
    Please provide a 320kbps Mp3 or Ogg.
    We reserve the right to refuse entries.
  • Tracked Music
    Five minutes maximum.
    Any tracker allowed except Renoise (because it is too awesome).
    Must be playable in XMPlay.
    File size maximum: 2Mb.
  • Chiptune Music
    Allowed formats: AHX/THX/HVL-based (Amiga), SID (C64, PRG or PSID), SNG (GoatTracker), VTX, PT3 and other that can be played in Vortex Tracker II (ZX Spectrum/AY), RMT (Pokey), FTM/NSF (FamiTracker/NES), MGB/GBS (GameBoy), TFE (TFM Music Maker), A2M and other that can be played in Adlib Tracker II (YMF262)
    Entries that are stored in SID format must also contain information on SID version that should be used to play the entry. They also have to be delivered in a C-64 executable or in playSID format.
    If you would like to submit an entry that uses a different format – please contact us.
    Five minutes maximum.
    File size maximum: 64kb.
    We reserve the right to refuse entries.
  • New School Executable Music
    Five minutes maximum.
    File size maximum: 32Kb.
    Must run on Windows x64.
  • New School Graphics
    The entry has to be delivered in .bmp, .iff, .png or .tga format.
    Recommended resolution is 1920×1080.
    The entries will be shown once on the bigscreen and uploaded to the party intranet directly after the compo, so visitors can judge the entries on their own screens.
    You may optionally include up to 4 (four) logically named working stages of your entry.
    You must also include a list of the tools used, to be displayed on the big screen.
    Only still images are allowed, no animations.
    Please make sure that your entry is free of third-party rights! (For example, you may not include photographs if you don’t own the copyright or have a legal license for it).
    For entries above 2MB, please upload somewhere and provide us with a way we can access the file.
    If you require a location to upload to, please contact us.
  • Old School Graphics
    We aim to cover any old school graphics format, even multiframe / interlace graphics.
    We do reserve the right as a last resort to run graphics under emulation.
    We require that the image has no animated elements.
    Please advise us in advance of your presentation requirements.
    Entries must state whether its Amiga or PC
    Amiga Entries will be shown using Topaz or Pot Noodle
    PC entries will use Acidview with internal fonts
    Unlimited length
    80 Columns Maximum
  • Wild
    Anything goes – 10 minutes maximum viewing time if it is video based.
    Also welcome are cooking endevours in the kitchen
    …or bring your own project to show off.
  • Party Only: Photography
  • Party Only: Floppy Throwing


If you are sending a particularly large file, consider using Dropbox.

Old School Platforms include any 8 or 16 bit system.

We reserve the right to refuse or pre-select entries.