New to the Demoscene?

Sundown 2016 is an established U.K. based demoscene party, running since 2005. The demoscene is a computer subculture dedicated to showcasing the talents of musicians, artists, designers and programmers in a competition based atmosphere with clearly defined limitations.

Competitions held are generally as follows:

Old School – Productions that are targeted at older computers with a static configuration (an increased technical challenge, pushing limitations on older hardware via efficient programming).
New School – Productions that are targeted at high end modern systems – challenges being exploiting of new hardware facilities and production skills.
Intro – A production that cannot exceed 64kb in size (a quite severe limitation, combining resourcefulness with innovation).
Music – As a general composed using specific methods or software or a general musicianship competition.
Productions in the Old and New School sense generally require a good sense of direction and always have a synchronised soundtrack to add to the atmosphere.

Participants to Demoscene parties generally stay in the party hall from Friday until Sunday (showers of course!) to exchange ideas, participate in judging the entries to competitions and often taking part in “Fast” competitions – creative competitions held within the time constraints of a single party.

To learn more about the demoscene, visit this Wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene).

The party is held in Budleigh Salterton, which is a coastal town near the city of Exeter. It’s a long way from London, but certainly accessible from there and there is also a local airport, or if you’re driving by car we have comprehensive directions from the M5.

More information is available on the Travel Information section.

If you require bed accommodation, there are a handful of local bed and breakfasts who can accommodate at a reasonable fee.

The party will start on Friday 15th July at around 6:00pm, however we’ll be happy to accept early arrivals if you let us know in advance. The entrance fee is £45 for standard entry and £65 (or more) for supporter visitors – this will cover our costs for setting up the party and any eventualities that may occur – and also if we have any supplemental cash left over we will use this for the competition fund – after all, it’s a good cause!

The Venue

The venue is the same as the last seven parties – we’re using the Budleigh Salterton Village Hall, with its Kitchen facilities which provide access to high power microwaves, industrial ovens and readily available hot water for any caffeine based heated beverages!

The hall itself is theater style, and we can accommodate up to 100 sceners easily. There are some rooms in the back of the hall with a limited amount of space for sceners who would prefer to sleep in peace away from the party noise, and I’m glad to say this year we can allow sceners to stay in there.

Party Features

Demoscene all the way!

  • Competitions for Old and New School productions, both Demo and Intro. (If there are a lack of entries, we will combine pending approval of attendees).
  • Big kicking audio system
  • Full HD Projection presentation – not the biggest screen on earth but certainly a great quality projector and fine for the party.
  • Space for up to 100 people maximum.
  • Drinking allowed – but be in control, please!
  • The Party Network will be back this year offering internet access throughout the party.